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Green Energy Promotes the Development of Biomass Pellet Mill
     Biomass energy is developing at a rapid pace. Biomass pellets are the solar energy that is fixed by the

photosynthesis of plants on the earth and may become one of the major new energy sources in the 21st century. It is

estimated that plants store about 10 times more energy per year than the world's main fuel consumption; and as an

energy source, less than 1% of its total. Biomass energy conversion technology can efficiently use biomass energy

instead of fossil energy, thereby reducing dependence on fossil energy and reducing environmental pollution caused

by energy consumption. By 2015, 40% of the world's total energy consumption will come from biomass energy.

Biomass energy has the following characteristics: renewability, high calorific value, low pollution, zero emission,

high density. Biomass pellet mills make biomass solidification molding a form of biomass energy development

and utilization.

Biomass Pellet Mill

     Nowadays, biomass pellet machine plays an important role in China's atmospheric management. China has

abundant biomass resources, and it is very important to vigorously promote biomass pellet machine. The production

of pellet machine can solve the environmental pollution caused by local farmers burning sawdust, and burning

sawdust is also one of the main causes of haze weather. Local governments have vigorously promoted sawdust

pellet machines in rural areas; enabling biomass to function and enabling us to survive in a good environment.

     Agricultural residues, forestry and wood processing waste are all biomass raw materials. These raw materials are

rationally developed and utilized by biomass pelletizers to produce biomass fuels that can be used to generate

electricity, heat, and produce alternative fossil fuels. According to the data released by the National Energy

Administration, China can use 400 million tons of agricultural products per year as an energy-using agricultural

product, and the remaining 350 million tons of forestry, laying a sufficient raw material foundation for the development

of biomass energy. Therefore, the promotion of biomass pellet machine can not only effectively control air pollution,

but also bring economic benefits and social value.

YONGLI pellet mills in the workshop

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