Cooling and Vibrating Screener

< Cooling and Vibrating Screener Features >

1. Make use of the vibrating screen surface, it will classify the pellet according to different particle size.

2. Screening body’s driving model is balanced vibration, that is, in screening of symmetry ship installation with two

   vibration motor driver sieve body, two motor to relative to offset the horizontal vibration force, vertical vibration force

   stack, ensure the normal body movement trajectory of screen, screening effect is good.

3. With small volume and smooth movement, it is widely used in the pellet, food, chemical, sugar, mining, paper

   making industries.

4. It is with both cooling and sifting function.

5. Application of advanced countercurrent cooling principle,  precipitation rate is 1%~3%, extending the storage time

   of high-quality pellets.

6. Pendulum flap discharging mechanism, discharge materials smoothly, adjustable discharging flow and speed, even

    discharge volume.

< Cooling and Vibrating Screener  Technical parameter >

Model Cooling volume (m³) Capacity (t/h) Cooling time (min) Material temperature after cooling Feeding power (kw) Overall Dimension (mm) Weight (T)
SLFJ1.5 1.5 3 Not less than 6-10min Not exceeding 3-5℃ than ambient temperature 1.5 1516*2429*4378 1.4
SLFJ2.5 2.5 5 1.5 1516*2429*4700 1.6