Yongli Feed Machine

Yongli Poultry&Livestock Feed Pellet Mill widely used in pellets making for large production:
 Such as-
poultry feed of chricken and duck and Livestock feed of cow and sheep etc.
 Livestock Feed Pellet Mill


1. Gearbox: with pinion shaft, main gear, main shaft, quill shaft, gearbox body,
    manual lubrication system and overload protection system.

2. Coupling assembly: with hub-taper lock bores, bushing-taper locks, S-shaped grid cover etc.

3. One set of roller assembly---two roller system

4. Ring die special design for low bulk density pelleting.

5. Door made with one knife assembly.

Livestock Feed Pellet Mill

【Feed pelletizing process】
   Including:rawing material receiving、grinding、mixing、pelleting、cooling&packing process  

【Attractive advantages】

1.Non-dust workshop.
2.Siemens motor, Imported SKF/NSK bearing.
3.Auto cooling and oil adding system(optional)
4.National patent and Reasonable price.
5.Output beautiful pellets with uniform size.
6. Passed ISO9001 and EU CE certification
7. Stable running and low power 
8. High efficiency with high production

【No-dust workshop

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