Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator


1.Bucket Elevator is equipped with explosion relief port,prevent dust explosion,safe and reliable.

2.Adopt anti-back device,which prevent product blockage caused by equipment stoppage.

3.Adopt EP belt,low extendibility,endurable and reliable.

4.Feeding could be in both shaft-end and upwards direction.

5.Adjusting plate adopts sealing treatment,no leakage of product when tensioning the belt by screw device.

6.Middle casing adopts specialized edge-meshing combination process,with high strength and good sealing.

7.Optional with off-tracking alarm and speed monitor system.

8.Compact structure, beautiful appearance,high output and high conveying capability.

9.Rubber covering technology is adopted for head pulley to increase friction coefficient and prevent belt from slipping.


Bucket Elevator